Existential Thoughts (I)

Physics is about understanding the basic principles which govern the world around us, ranging from the inside of the atom, the colors of sunset and rainbow to the universe.

Isn’t it bizarre that atheists choose to believe that some “basic principles govern the world around us”? How could an intelligent being logically abide by the imposition of a less intelligent “thing” (or rather a non-intelligent thing)? In other words, how could those aforementioned physical principles reign over the intellect and will of mankind? Why doesn’t it occur to the non-believers’ minds that the existence of an absoluteĀ Governor is a more sensible conclusion? At that point, He’d be the imposer of those laws which rule our universe. It makes more sense that a more intelligent being administers the life of less intelligent beings, and surely not vice versa. We know how the universe works, but we don’t know how the universe works at the same time. Utter perfection and staggering harmony cannot anyways be the resultant of chaotic disorderā€”there has to be a perfecter maestro.

I testify that there’s no god but Allah, and I testify that Muhammad is His slave and messenger.