Presumably everyone of you might’ve asked himself/herself those very questions:

Have I been productive this year?

2012 was fun to me?

Did 2012 teach me anything?

The answer to all these questions is simply a big “yes”. Yes, you have been very productive indeed, the year was total fun to you, and you really learnt lots of lessons which collaborated in building your personality and experience in life. Before you go like: “how on earth do you know whether my year was fun? You nuts bro?”, let me ask you first to close your eyes, completely shut down your mind, and rewind back using your heart as early as possible this year. Review all the beautiful moments you spent with your beloved ones; your family and intimate friends. Remember all the smiling and the laughing and the crying? Remember how you felt you just wanted to freeze at those lovely moments and live them forever? Remember that heart-melting feeling when you believed that even words, as powerful as they’ve always been, shall not ever be of any perceivable description of your heavenly peaceful happiness deep inside at those grand moments? As long as you can re-feel those glorious times, then you had a splendiferously fantastic year.
2012 taught us all many lessons indeed; not only not to listen to apocalypse story-based movies (as long as you’re reading this post, then chill; you survived), but relatively way more important matters. You have been productive this past year even if you don’t feel you were like so, just doing your daily routine and what you ought to do for school or university is considered as productivity.
A year has come to an end, another has just begun. Praise Allah you were given a second chance and make perfect use of it. Just be more productive, have more fun and learn as much as you can. Every little thing you learn add up more significantly than you could ever believe.


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